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My name is Soehada Bin Abdullah, who is now 47 years old until December 1, 2021.

I was one of the first of five children, my grandfather was a Turkish citizen, he migrated to the Aceh region of Indonesia around 1908, to be precise in the province of Aceh, Banda Aceh, then married one of the native Acehnese women, and continued to live in the region for tens year. When the Aceh region faced a long war around 1933, my grandfather's family moved to the North Aceh region to save the family from colonial attacks at that time, and in the end around 1945 my parents settled in the city of Lhokseumawe, Aceh.

I was born and raised in a small town, the city was formerly known as the country of Petrodollar, namely the City of Lhokseumawe Aceh, the name Petrodollar caused by the existence and development of several Oil and Gas companies for 25 years, but now this is only a memory.

The location where I live and work

My profession

Everyone certainly has a profession that is owned by him, either independently or serving every company, whether private or government-owned, and sometimes being civil servants who work in official government institutions.

While myself really like the profession as a teacher, it is very appropriate for me, I happen to be a bachelor of education majoring in IAIN Aceh.

Because I really like education, so became an educator at one of the official government institutions at the State Elementary School, having been in this profession for 17 years. Being a teacher is very cool and I really love the job, why?

Because the profession teacher is one of the noble jobs because it is able to produce a good generation, with noble character, this is in accordance with the goals of education itself, such as "Education Is One of Conscious Efforts to Humanize Humans".

After giving mandatory educational assignments for students

In one of the psychological sciences, humanity says that, when you are able to make a human being in turning him into a real human being in the context of morals and character, then you have dived another human being in destruction.

The explanation of "Humanizing Human" is changing the animal character that is embedded in the soul of every child into real human character. Later that human will become a warrior soul in helping and saving other humans from the moral destruction that is sweeping the world today.

Why is this world destroyed and there are wars?

This is because the main trigger in a person's soul who does not have compassion for others, when a person's good morals have disappeared from the human soul, then man himself will justify all means, do not want to know about the destruction of a country, do not want to know the misery of other humans, For those who always prioritize egoism, there are those who have the principle of "The important thing is that my life is comfortable and happy for others to let them be destroyed".

Observing student performance

How beautiful it is to live in a world that helps each other without war, without differences in understanding, even though different nations and religions. Life will be more beautiful if one another always helps the weak, supports those with economic or other problems, or if necessary provides jobs.

My hobby

Talking about hobbies is certainly very cool because hobby is an ideal or a fun activity. I have various hobbies but the ones I like the most are:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Learn to shoot
  4. Horse riding
  5. and other hobbies that can help weak people.

Then, I am also interested in friendly animal habitats, really like every species, and some natural components which are a natural phenomenon.

Currently in the school library

Getting to know

Previously I would like to thank someone who has been a part of this blog. She has an account named @luecas, she is my daughter who looks quite dexterous in writing here, she invited me here and she also registered my account. Then he also teaches how to write certain code so that the results of the author are neat and look good.

I also don't understand how he becomes part of the, but what I see is that he really like to read and tweak the software that's in each application. For me, that characteristic is not a problem because as long as he can help others.

Then another thing I know is that is one of the great social media and can provide benefits to its users, its presence is a new foundation for a healthy job, where you will be paid to write and respect other people.

My penchant for reading

Many users use this media, this is known through the twetter account of each user who is connected to new innovations in the world, especially today. This situation is very extraordinary in the midst of a pandemic or Covid19 that has hit the world in the last two years.

So that someone works at home, while other things that can not be done. The presence of is able to improve the world economy which is currently in chaos.

I myself feel happy and happy when I become part of this community, because it can be accessed by all things or the ins and outs of each country, and all human life or animal and plant life, even the universe is posted by everyone who has the ability to write who has join to become a member of


In the end, if we look at and observe this media, it can be concluded that, is also part of free education if we continue to read every article from experienced colleagues here.

Finally, I want to say a big thank you, especially to my daughter @luecas, and all my colleagues here, welcome to make me your partner.

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