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Hi my name is @sarafigueroa! First of all I would like to start saying that I hope this social network help get to know new people from all around the world so I could learn more about their culture which is a very interesting and funny fact because you can imagine you're visiting another country while you are relaxed laying at home (OBVIOUSLY is better to travel but sometimes we just can't hahaha!)

Now I'll share with you some information about me :)

My Details
-22 years old
-Venezuelan with Spanish roots (2nd nationality)
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-Chemical Engineering student (Simón Bolívar University-USB)

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-Flamenco dancer
-Teacher (on my spare time I like to help others in chemistry, math and other subjects)
-Practice Kickboxing
-Totto's (my doggie) sister
-Speak: Spanish and English
-Trying to be vegan (I'm working on the part to convince my parents to believe on this life style)

More About Me
In order to let you know me better I'm going to share some details about me and my live with you.

I live in Caracas-Venezuela. My main family is formed by mother, grandparents and my dog,who are basically my whole world, without them I feel empty and lost, I own them everything (even though some times I get angry with them... hahaha but well who doesn't argue with their parents?!).


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Since I was 12 years old my cousins and their parents came to live in my house. At the beginning it shocked me because it took me by surprise. I can admit it wasn't the worst thing, but then with the pass of the years (they were supposed to live in my house just for a few months, their plans got complicated and they couldn't move to the house they were buying due to the inflation we've been facing in my country since I can remember ) it started to be hard and unbearable (they are very jealous and always are fighting). It has been almost 12 years and they still living with me.

Maybe it wasn't very interesting for you but I felt I had to share it so I could break free of these feelings. 

Getting back to the point I can tell you some things I like the most. I can start saying that I love flamenco, I used to practice it since I was 4 years old, it's the best, when you hear the guitar and you foot creating music is very amazing! I love the way you can feel the music and share everything you have inside with others while you're dancing. But there are some bad news...I had to quit for a while. Yo don't know how much I miss it!!! :(
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In the mean time, since last summer vacations I started practicing kickboxing which I always wanted to try. At the beginning I wasn't sure if I would like it, but then I realized I do. I think that a fact that made me like it is because of the people who practice this sport with me, they're so kind and funny.

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Another interesting fact about me is that I love dogs!!! Since I was a little girl I always wanted to own a puppy, but it wasn't that easy because my grand father, who always has been the ruler of the family, didn't let me. Despite this, I didn't give up and every time I had the chance I tried to convince him that having a dog was the best idea ever!!! Then with the pass of the yeas I achieved my goal :) , yay! hahaha
Now since 2011 I have a little pal, a Yorkshire terrier named Totto. Yeah, similar to the wizard of oz but with double "t", like the brand. Maybe is not the most original named, but I like it!
I love him so much!!! He is the one who never will let me down because he'll be always there for me.

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Now, talking about being vegan if something I've being trying to practice but is not that easy because my mother still believing that this is not the best way of eating, she says that you sometimes need animal protein. But well, I won't give up and I'll keep trying to convince her this is a great lifestyle.
I hope you could share with me some tips or recommendations about it!

Last but not least...

Some Of My Favorite Things
-Fruit: pineapple, green apple, strawberry, watermelon, orange, coconut.
-Sports: dancing, kickboxing, swimming .
-Internet-TV Series: Reign, Lost, Stranger Things, PLL, 13 Reasons Why, Gilmore Girls, Dr. House.
-Music genre: pop, reggaeton, merengue, some trap.
-Activity: Hanging out with my friend.
-Social Networks I like the most:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Thank you!
Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it. Feel free to comment, I'll read EVERYTHING because your words will be my inspiration for future posts. I hope we get to know better and that you enjoy what I'll be sharing with you. Vote for my witness here if you consider I'm Steeming the world you want to be living in.Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.03.44 PM.png

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