An architect student entering the hive community

Hello everyone!, I'm Ricki, a 4th year architecture student at Oklahoma State University, and this is my first post in the hive community. I'm also minoring in entrepreneurship, which is why I decided to take @trostparadox class this semester titled "Publishing Creative Content via Blockchain". Some of my interests include architecture (obviously), amateur photography, digital art/renderings, fashion, longboarding, & traveling.

[me on the left, photographed by my sister]

I am Mexican-American, my parents were born in Mexico but immigrated here before I was born. I am very close to my roots, I speak Spanish, & I love visiting my family in Mexico. Most of my mom's side of the family is in the US, while most of my father's family is still in Mexico. The photo above was taken when my grandparents from Mexico visited my father in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

[Pabellon de Hidalgo, Aguascalientes, Mexico photographed by me]

The photo above is a main street where my family in Mexico lives. Ever since I turned 18 I have made it an effort to go to Mexico at least once a year, & its always a good time!

[My dog, photographed by me]

I also recently got a Shiba inu dog or "doge" if you know the meme. He keeps me company here in Stillwater & I'm currently teaching him to do tricks! So far he knows how to sit, stand, & high five. He was probably like a month old when these photos were taken.

[photographed by me]

This semester I am taking my comprehensive studio class for architecture, which is basically like a capstone project for seniors. We are going to be deviating from using Rhino & focusing more on Revit. We are going to be designing a stem based school for children so I will definitely updating you all on my progress! The images below are some early renders I did last semester for a Pier proposal. I hope to learn more about the Hive blockchain and ecosystem as the semester goes on and hopefully beyond that!

[Rendered using Lumion & Photoshop by me]

[Rendered using Lumion & Photoshop by me]

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