Let Me Please Introduce Myself

Hi Hivers'
I hope you all are doing great. I want to introduce myself to you all the persons out here on this Amazing platform.

My name is Bhashker. I am from the most serene and beautiful place, 'Uttarakhand' even named as heaven In India. Uttarakhand stated God's land because of the most religious place. All cultures in the world have one thing in common. It teaches us to be the same for everyone, love everyone, and help everyone.

I have done my graduation. Currently, I am doing a job as a chef. I love to cook food. I am also super health-conscious. I am here because I wanted to show you all my upcoming recipes and my travel photos and some of my life experiences.

Making others happy is always I want to do, To help others and To make here all of my authentic work. Being original is rare that's what I keep in myself.

Also I am learning hive features how hive power plays an important role and how much we can earn just by delegate our powers. I want to thanks @ecency for giving me 10HP. It's also gave me some encouragement boost because it's so crucial for a new person, I always go with the gratitude. Being greatful for those who help you.

I am looking this platform as a best source of my investment. This is the perfect platform I was always looking for ,Can't wait to share my upcoming posts with you all.

In the end I want to say:
We all are the same, we breath the same air,
We eat the same food, God created us equal.
And We unite by this amazing source.

Love you guys thank you for reading my post.

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