Hello, hivers!



My name is Sonya Stoyanova. I currently live and work in Greece. I am a Bulgarian from the beautiful Danube city of Ruse. Now I will tell you about it in a few words. Ruse is the largest city along the Danube. 23 centuries ago, the ancient port of the ancient Thracians marked the beginning of the modern city. At the end of the 1st century, the Roman fortress of Sexaginta Prista (translated as the port of the 60 ships) became the northern border of the Roman Empire. In the 50s of the XX century the largest bridge along the Bulgarian Danube was built, connecting Bulgaria and Romania. The history of the city is very interesting and exciting. I will tell you about it in a series of several posts.


Now about of me


I deal with MLM companies and cryptocurrencies. My hobby is to make and create objects from natural materials (wood, stone, clay, etc.). I also make decorative and scented candles. In recent years I have been dealing with self-improvement and esoterics, personal development and Reiki. I recently earned a MASTER in Kundalini Reiki. I love nature walks and I feel best near water. This is how I am charged with energy and positivism. I have pets, 3 wonderful and wayward dogs - Rita, Ari and Leah. I am a freedom-loving soul, I believe in the good and that love always wins. I enjoy life, food, nature walks, meeting friends, music, and dancing.


My first steps in HIVE

Venelin Trifonov @venan introduced me to HIVE in the summer of 2020. It didn't take me long time to understand the idea of this platform and decide to join it. Now I'm much clearer with HIVE, @ecency, @actifit, @peakd, 3speek and others. For me, this is a completely different, much higher level than the platforms and networks known so far. I am glad that a Bulgarian community is being formed in this network, has its own group for exchange of information in Bulgarian. I am convinced that together we can develop this wonderful idea and move forward!

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