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My name is Oatmeal Joey.

I'm 34 years old. I'm single. I taught English in Vietnam. I'm from Oregon. I can play guitar & piano. I like to draw, write, sing, dance, act, make videos, create memes, bike, climb trees, play basketball, sports, video games, computer games, etc, etc, etc. I knew a little bit of karate. I was a camp counselor. I love talking to people. I love meeting new people. I lived in Hawaii, New York, West Virginia, California, Idaho, Quebec, South Carolina. I was homeschooled. I grew up in a small logging town of less than 20,000 people. I love smiling. I love being random. I love learning, living, sharing, educating, entertaining. My Facebook is Real Oatmeal Joey. My page is Oatmeal Joey. My group is Oatmeal Joey. I love life. I love having adventures. I love being crazy. I love saying random things. I love experiencing life. I love eating from our garden. I'm curious about everything. I love asking questions. I love laughing. I love helping people. I love listening. I love being a friend made out of delicious original green oatmeal.

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Main Purpose

The purpose of this account @oatmealjoey is to highlight the best of the best of my articles, memes, videos, posts, comments, blogs, links, websites, ideas, content, questions, answers, books, etc, etc, etc. Everything else will continue to be at my first account @joeyarnoldvn which I started June 2017 in Saigon. Now, I'm living near Seattle. This is my second account for Steem. My main goal is to publish official posts here, the finished articles. Rough drafts, my blog entries, and everything else, like I said, will be published to @joeyarnoldvn as usual. I'm introducing this account that I made today to Steemit.


I've had many jobs in life. I've been a web designer. I've worked in landscaping, maintenance, laundry, housekeeping, bakery, food prep; at colleges, restaurants, schools. I've been a waiter, cashier, dishwasher, camp counselor, English teacher, etc.

Topics & Subjects

I love writing about everything, including video games, history, science, politics, religion, news, principles, philosophy, movies, television, urban legends, mysteries, myths, parables, pop culture, traditions, gossip, my autobiography, psychology, anthropology, technology, do it yourself (DIY), how-to, travel, food, health, fitness, exercise, work, careers, beauty, connecting the dots, and much more. So, in other words, I'm all over the place.

Brief History

I'm trying to organize my content better, online. I've been using the Internet regularly since maybe 1998. It began in places like Yahoo Chat. It graduated to Yahoo Mail, where was emailing up to 20 people, which was a lot back then. It moved on to Live Journal. Later, I was using Xanga, MySpace, Facebook, etc. So, in other words, long story short, I've been using the world wide web for over 21 years and have been pretty random. I'm not completely happy with everything I've thrown onto the Internet these past two decades. So, now, I'm trying to make sense of it all. I'm trying to clean my virtual room that is all over cyber space.

Backup Archive

One of the purposes of my first Steem account @joeyarnoldvn involved archiving my content. Sadly, YouTube banned at least two of my channels, meaning I lost thousands of videos which dates back to 1996 back to when I was turning eleven years old. I've lost dozens of accounts on Facebook. I've been censored, banned, terminated, erased, off social ghetto networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, many times over the past several years (if not longer). So, long story short, because of all of that, I've been trying to create backups, copies, to my content. So, that led to me simply publishing rough drafts of my videos, articles, etc. Unfortunately, I become like the buy that cries wolf, and there is no wolf, because I can tell people that I have great videos, articles, etc. But then when they come to check me out, they may see some of my rough drafts and say: "What? No wolf here, you big fat oatmeal liar. What a waste of time. I'm going back to watching Soph videos. Wait, I mean, Pew Die Pie."

Best of the Best

So, that's why I'm trying to turn my second Steem account @oatmealjoey into a hall of fame focused on my finished masterpieces. I've always struggled between what I published online during the course of my life. I've lost a lot in my life. So, I've been developing fears of losing more of my stuff, and rightfully so. So, for so many years, I've just thrown all my content onto the virtual table so to speak. Like I said, I would just throw my content all over the Internet as I was feeling insecure, because I lost thousands of videos. I lost accounts. So, because of that, I would just publish everything, because I felt like it didn't matter. Because I might lose it anyways. Well, now, I think I can keep my best articles separate from my rough drafts, thanks to these two Steemit accounts for example. I also upload my posts to other websites when I can. So, I'm evolving. It's called character development. I'm learning haha.

Infinite Altitude

Anyways, I'm also a perfectionist, meaning it's tough to publish things (including this post right here: EDIT: note to self, please stop and just publish it now lol), like art, movies, articles. George Lucas had this problem with Star Wars. It's never good enough. You make something. But then you go back and you try to make it better. So, that was another reason why I would try to just throw all of my stuff onto the Internet unfinished. Well, all of this is a long story. Very long story lol. But this account @oatmealjoey will aim to be the best that oatmeal has to offer lol.


One of the main objectives of @oatmealjoey involves highlighting my content in order to educate, entertain, encourage, and inspire people all around the world with everything that I have for as long as I can.

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