Announcing NFT Showroom: Collectible, Scarce, Tokenized Art on Hive


It's with great pleasure that the members of the Minnow Support Project and the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Network Discord Group announce a new project that is currently in alpha on Hive! The project is NFT Showroom, and it's a marketplace for rare tokenized art!

You can visit at and stay up to date with our progress here our official Hive blog.

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The site is modeled after similar tokenized art projects on ethereum such as, etc. Many artists have requested such services on Hive because it's has free transactions and 3 second block times! This makes it an optimal blockchain for introducing a new marketplace that offers both artists and collectors options for expanding their buying and selling experience. Hive also has an integrated blogging platform (, this offers the opportunity for artists to create process posts or tell the story behind the art which is a powerful combination.

NFT Showroom uses Hive-Engine's layer 2 NFT smart contract platform to generate provably scarce, collectible, tokenized art.

We have already started testing with a small group of verified artists to evaluate the site UI and functionality. Once we are satisfied that things are working as intended we will open up admissions to the public. The alpha launch includes features to allow artists to create and list NFTs for sale. Artists can determine the level of scarcity they want with any individual piece (ie. One edition only, or multiple editions).

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Selling Art

Artists and collectors are currently able to list art for sale at a specific price. As of this post the only selling option is a buy it now price. One of the priority features of the beta site is to allow bidding as well.


Artists are charged 5 Swap.Hive when tokenizing a new piece of art and 1 Swap.Hive for each edition (additional NFT) they would like to release.

Commission Fees

The marketplace takes a 10% commission on sales. The first time an art piece is sold a 10% commission on the sale goes exclusively to @nftshowroom.

Upon completion of secondary market sales the original artist recieves a 10% royalty. This enables artists to earn from a single image multiple times over the course of a single creation. Multiplied by many creations over many years, it provides a sustainable and healthy income stream for popular creators.


We're currently allowing artists two options when tokenizing.

Private means the artist retains the full copyright to their image. The buyer may display the art as part of their collection or resell it on the secondary market.

Limited Reproduction Rights means the artist grants the owner full commercial rights for the work to be used or recreated in commerce, but also does not give away the creator's license.

Notably; Full Commercial Rights do not convey the ability to retokenize the art on or any other platform

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Artists can generate NFTs, list them for sale, and sell them on the market. @nftshowroom will take a 10% commission on sales.


Collectors of tokenized art can purchase limited edition artwork from artists and display it in their collection or list it for resale on the market.


Developers can make use of of the open source hive-engine backend to make a variety of tools for the projects. We look forward to innovative ways of displaying the art, discord bots, alternate front-ends for viewing collections and data displays popping up.

Upcoming site changes

The website is in Alpha but is being worked on as we speak to improve loading times and add more features so expect changes in both look and functionality over the coming month! At present tokenizing, buying and selling are functional. Notifications, transaction history and new ways to discover art are on the horizon.

Artist whitelisting

For this initial alpha period we are looking to add artists slowly, in order to tokenize you need to be whitelisted first. We are currently only accepting digital art and not photography, though there may be a project in the pipelines for that ;)

To apply for the whitelist simply go to your account when logged in, click profile, fill it out and click apply. Please include the most information possible, we intend to double check that all our artists are original content creators and there may be a need to verify through other social media sites outside of Hive that you are who you say you are.

If you don't get accepted immediately don't despair, we are trying to keep the number of artists limited until we feel confident that the experience will be pleasant. Feel free to drop into the NFT Showroom discord if you have further questions.

We would like to extend a big Thank You to all the artists that have helped us test so far!

Team Members


The team is focused on improving the product throughout the beta experience, attracting new artists to create on the platform, and finding new collectors interested in owning provably scarce digital collectibles.

Visit the site and browse art:

You can follow us on Twitter:
or Instagram:

For any questions or support please visit us in discord NFT Showroom discord

View the spanish version of this post here: Anunciando NFT Showroom: Arte de colección, escaso y tokenizado

Artists who are interested in Whitelisting can read this post! NFT Showroom artist guide / FAQ and whitelisting


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