I am Muted Geek and I am ready to Shout Out Loud!

It took me a few hours to think of my username. Finally, I decided to go by "Muted Geek".From the word itself, I am not a vocal type and I'm having a hard time expressing my emotions to anyone. I don't understand why I'm like that, perhaps there's a deeper reason behind it, but one thing's for sure - I want to overcome this behavior.


Lately, my friend @romeskie has been asking me to join the HIVE Community and start making blogs. To be honest, I was really hesitant because (1) I am neither a writer nor a speaker (2) I am very reserved (3) I find this an additional online profile that would require time and energy to be maintained.

My initial thoughts changed when Rome said that I will also gain from writing both financially and emotionally (I guess). She knows how to convince me since she's known me since our college days. Currently, I am unemployed (almost 3 months) Haha! Even though I have plans and contingencies, I am believer that your contingency plan also needs to have a back up plan too.

Aside from this I also want to heal. From the exhaustion, from the stress, from everything. I thought maybe I could use this as my initial step to explore and shout-out my inner thoughts to the universe.


I consider myself an independent woman. I started to live by myself as soon as I graduated from college. I wanted to be responsible for my own life while experiencing the freedom and enjoy it at the same time.


I am a career woman. My path led me to the corporate world straight from the university. I joined the Marketing teams of various industries from construction to retail for 17 years. Recently, I decided to leave my employer and start my own business. I also wanted to take this time to focus on other important stuff. This journey to the unknown, away from the confines of the corporate world, scares the hell out of me. Once again, I find myself from scratch. But I am very hopeful and positive that everything will be fine, and this mantra is what keeps me going.


To my future readers, allow me use Hive as a channel to learn, re-learn, share, and expand my ways on how to live life. Muted Geek is my unspoken life experiences. I hope my stories will inspire you, that you'll find my words valuable to help you cope and continue life in a positive way. 🙂

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