Miss Erin R. Rogers Introducing Herself

                                              Why I Came To Steemit -

I was told about this site from someone who's opinion I respect dearly. He has been researching crypto for a few years now and has Steem, yet no Steemit account. We started talking about Steemit about a month ago. Since then I have made some BIG changes in my life, including deciding to document my story through my healing/growing/schooling. I am new to blogging all together, so I am excited that Steemit gets to be my main outlet. I also can not wait to be a test dummy for the person who showed me this inspiring site. Lets put it this way, I am here for the long haul.


                            My Goal Is To Inspire And Give Back Through The Content I Create   
I am in an interesting position, and hope to be able to inspire others while on my journey of self reflecting, cleansing my mind, my body and my spirit. At age 24 I gave up drinking for 9 and a half years (ask away). Early January 2016 (34) a turn of events in my life left me "hopeless" and I turned to my OLD familiar comfort. As of today I have 15 days sober again. I threw myself a curve ball by giving up sugar at the same time. This has been an up and down battle so far and I cannot wait to share my journey with all of my fellow Steemiens.

                                                                          A Little About Me

I am a 35 year old mother of 2 wonderful boys ages 1 and 3, recently divorced as of 8-28-17 (woot woot). I am coming into my age of self-reflection and am learning a tremendous amount about myself. Quitting drinking at age 24 and staying sober for 9 years gives me the strength to know I can do it again.

I have lived in Michigan my whole life yet had never been to the Upper Peninsula (The U.P.) until June of 2016 when my ex-husband and I moved all the way to the Keweenaw (the northern most part of Michigan). We get more snow here then I could have ever even dreamed of. While it took a little getting used to I have mad a home for myself here. I moved here knowing no one and have built a community of people that would do anything for me and I for them. But the snow...

I am a gardener at heart and it directly contributed to my moving all the way north in my native state. You see I moved from the Metro Detroit because they seem to have an issue with people growing food for themselves down there (down state). I had a warrant issued for my arrest and was picked up at my home while I was pregnant and nursing my first born. All over a garden style not known to most. My hugelkultur  garden bed was about 10x20x4. 


There is so much more I could go on about but I will save it for future posts. I look forward to getting to meet some or all of you. Feel free to ask me any questions. As I stated earlier this is my first blog so I am not holding back. Also PLEASE give me any advice you may have for me going forward.

                                                                 4 Main Categories Of Interest

*Personal Journal and Self-Refelction*

I will do a "live autobiography". Going back into detail only when needed, but basically keeping a journal of my daily success and failures on my journey.

*Gardening and Frugal Natural Fixes*

I will go into detail about my knowledge in gardening and what I have had to deal with as far as the law enforcement. Through my research in gardening I have also come to discover a number different helpful tips. I have treated burns with a plant right from my garden, used the trees I cut down to make a self watering gardening bed, went completely chemical free for 9 months when I was pregnant (and managed to not smell bad), and have cut out very harmful substances out of my life (i.e. sugar, alcohol, tobacco, trained thinking) not struggling as much as others seem to.

*Conspiracy Theories a.k.a. Truth Seeker*

Since the age of 17 (when September 11 happened) I have had my "eyes open". I have been on a path of self discovery from that very moment. My ideas go as far as you could possibly imagine. Chemtrails, is the earth flat or hollow, how can clouds go behind the moon, project  blue beam, these are all examples of how far and wide my curiosity goes. So again feel free to ask me anything, and know some of my posts may throw you a curve ball.

*The People's Family Atlas Of The World*

I have an atlas that has a copy write date of 1895. This may not seem so cool, except for the fact there are things in that book that is no longer in books we are given and told to be truth. I do not want to go to far into this. I will save it for later.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction. I can not wait to get started. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also please give me any advice you may have for me.

Erin R. Rogers

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