Hello steemians, it's @magatha gotten from Agatha. Well, i formed that Nick name my self. Have been lost on this platform since I joined until I met a darling on facebook who shared a post about steemit and she explained everything to me. She's indeed a darling, right?💗. Have opened this account since but I finally introduced my self today. I got to know about stemmit while searching for social media that would be financially supportive for me. I followed all due procedures but since then, to take a step further wasn't actually easy. It's liking teaching yourself what you do not know until I saw a post on facebook about steemit and since then, I knew where to read user guide.
I heard am gonna get paid for my original content👍,that drew me closer, for sure! I guess it did draw you closer and closer😉. Don't mind me, am just too playful. But when I go through people post and comments, I see a different feeling, like a community, a family.

I think it's more than the money, its home. Steemit is a motivator to believing in your skills. It makes you bolder in your pace of influencing lives

Am from the land of Anambra state in Nigeria, a place of peace(have been there once though🙈)
(my village,path to my street.some of pics I took last year)
I reside in Lagos and I school in unilag. Hoping to graduate from the department of economic next year. A stressful course In which decided it won't stress me.
Been busy with the right thing is one of my desire. Am so glad to be here and I will keep everyone posted about me and my blog. I know it's really not your business but am new here(show some love na😊)
Another aspect about me, it's my crave for movies. It's my bae, really my bae! My best movie I have seen since I was born is The Proposal,with Sandra Bullock. The movie is soo funny. It's old but new for me
unnamed (1).jpg

Well, am here to have serious fun, no alarm for seriousness. Have also heard about amazing people who are helpful in this community, people like @ejemai, @surpassingoogle, @nairadaddy, @ogoowinner, @gee1, @samstickks, @tojukaka, and the beautiful peeps who will welcome me whole heartedly. IMG-20180325-WA0001.jpg

Am sorry if there is any omission on my intro post, it's my first time, and still learning.

Am happy to be here and hearing from me here would be in minutes😂(back to back). I love you guys, and am here to rock my world.

steemit is a blessing, it's a place that deserves my time. Post, upvote and earn. Long live steemit

Let me come and be going
Much love😘😘😘😘

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