Welcome to the Steemit Community from your local hockey coach and fitness buff!

Hello and welcome everybody! Its fantastic to be here and to be apart of such a great community :)

As you will soon find out, I am like the new kid from around the block looking for awesome and cool new friends!

Who am I?
My name is Zakk, I'm a local hockey coach from Toronto in Canada. I love working out and staying in shape and of course hockey ! (and golfing in the summer =) ).

What's brought me to the Steemit community?
I am a budding cryptocurrency enthusiast (or KryptoKurrency as I would spell it) learning about this new world. I came across Steemit via Jerry Banfield's videos on Youtube (props to you Jerry!!!)

What do I hope to gain from Steemit and its growing community?
I want to find people who support similar interests and ideas that I have; as well as to be part of a herd of people who share similar mindset and goals.

Please introduce yourselves as I hope I can help connect more wonderful like-minded people together!


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