A Kitty's Point of View... Introduce Yourself

Hello Hivians.. =,,=

My name is "meeoow-moe" That translates from kitt-anees to Samantha Jo.

BeanBag Kitty 1-14.jpg

This is my #introduceyourself post. Now some of You humans may already know Meow from over on that other humans page. He has even let Meow practice a few posts over there. But this will be where You will see things from where I am. A Kitty's Point of View...

But I should warn You now! From where I sit, some of the views can be pretty scary...

Humans POV

Kitty's POV


KW Kitty 8-14.jpg

I am a "Travelin' Kitty." I have a pet human that calls himself @krazzytrukker

Bunk Snuggle 2015-05-09.jpg

Handsome fella as far as humans go, He feeds me so I let him live. I also let him drive my...

Fuzzy Lil' Kitty Butt

Fuzzy Butt (2) 2015-01-29.jpg

He drives Meow, and a "Super-Krazzy"
orange tiger rescue kitty called, "Lil' Guy-The Miracle Kitty"

Lil' Guy & Sammi Cuddles 2019-07-02.jpg

See us rescue him here

He drives us all over the country (USA) in a big truck called a Prime Mover.

Clean Truck (2) 2019-09-09.jpg

I will scratch out a post from time to time, to try and show things from a different perspective.

Meows point of view...

A Kitty's POV...

Here is meows cats eye view of my Prime Mover home at night from the humans bed...

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