Hello Steemit, I am Katrina, today I open my profile and I hope you follow me and be good friends

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Hi, I'm Katrina Navas; Venezuelan Mother and Housewife; Community Activist for Peace and Life; Truekera and Promoter of Family Urban Kreatives Spirals (EKUF) of the Karibe Epicenter; Student of Astrology; Community Chronicler, Student of Social Communication; As you imagine I am very versatile, I love to integrate the different roles of my life in all the moments of social development.

I love knowing the New Moves in Social Networks, knowing and exploring new networks and trends to meet interesting people around the world. So; I have many Expectations with Steemit, which is a very dynamic and collaborative community, which will allow me to expand my knowledge about Social Trends .... Steemit attracts me because it allows me to integrate my passions in a single platform.

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One of my main talents has always been making friends, so I hope Stemit will allow me to meet new friends ... I thank my Friends Steemit #Petrosteem @luiselvis, @FundaUsec, @srcianuro, @cuentaavailable, @hugospock, @andr377, @ricardoarts, @andresemor, @carlos77, @blind2012, @tuiterosdechavez, @apatrinchera, @dannyffer, @andresemor, @lince, @LILTTLEJOEL, @chilix, @desireeher, @norlymgb, @edgarless, @cututo Guide me and accompany me on this new path that started this interesting social network.

Author: "@ Katrina71"

I invite you to join us in our Discord #EpicentroKaribe https://discord.gg/48VrQaN To comment on our Visual and Astrology Personal Consultations on-line.

Thanks for reading me

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