HI everyone. Welcome me to steemit

Hello guys, I am known as kali and a teenager.
I write as an hobby and a small youtuber @ https://www.youtube.com/c/ALPHAMOMENTS.

My writing skills is not excellent but I am quite good at imaginative stories and short write ups and I hope to use that make your day sometimes.

Unfortunately, I can not share any picture of myself yet since I am taking my time to stay out of facial appearance on the internet.

You might be wondering what I am gonna be sharing as a story. Ok, this is it, I am a stoner and it always seem to be like I am experiencing events in different dimension and I thought about sharing it as a story people can read. Saying it to people in face time will make them believe I am just going nut right?
Don't get it twisted though, it is more like what I noticed in words and not stories with characters.
Something like,
He looked at him from distance and thought to himself "I have just had enough", rushed up to the guy and hit the guy's chest with his palm without asking why he did it. It was his missing note which he later found out it was with the guy tagged as the class sadist and bully. The guy looked at him with his face which has no fear in them and thought to himself "Oh no, I knew I should have found a way to give him earlier". The guy looked rough with his trouble looking face but that is just his body, his heart is pure and that is what people cant see. The guy found the note after every student had gone home and kept it hoping to give it to the owner or a student to pass it on to him. Arriving to school the second day and the impression everyone gave him was as cold as ever and then changed his mind. He never has a normal conversation with any one as they are all fast with their feet thinking he is always waiting to bully them.
Back to the intro, Not everyone of my story ends and that is why I might tag some in episodes, the story above is just a short way of narrating how people misunderstands each others true intention cause of looks, the way the person sound and probably the action taken. Remember, actions cant always show our true intentions.

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