Hello, World!

“Every once in a while, do something that scares you.”

Three years ago, I left the job I had for five years. All of a sudden, I was a full-time mom to 2 kids. Not that I have kept them under the rug because I was at work, I had help that looked after them while I was away.

I have always been scared of being unemployed and financially dependent on my parents or my siblings. But, I realized it is scarier to wake up one day and see teens you don’t know. Teens who were once your kids. Thank heavens for the courage I mustered to leave office work and for the opportunity to work at home - conveniently enough to be with my family 24/7.

In three years, a lot has changed - sleeping patterns, daily routines, etc. It also opened up my eyes to many things about my kids - like how my daughter hates it when the food on her meals touches one another or how my son is very detail-oriented when he draws. I used to have people I can talk to about these discoveries and milestones over a coffee break. But life happened, and I had to leave these people behind. Now, I only have myself for my caffeine doses, although we still occasionally catch up at the nearest coffee shop.

People thought it was sad - me being alone and not having many people to talk to. I tell them otherwise. Growing up, I was used to being alone or be with a group of 2-3 friends.

Three years after, I’m all settled. I have a career in freelancing. I write for people who need help with starting their campaigns. I draft business proposals. I work at home.

Now let’s go to my scary thing #2. I used to have journals where I write my thoughts and feelings down. I realized I haven’t done that in a while, so I guess this change in my life must’ve brought me back to journal-ing - this time, blogging. I have always been a closet writer. I never wanted anyone to see what I write. It was only when my mom read what I wrote a few days before she passed on and told me my words moved her that I thought maybe I should give it a try. Now here I am, my first shot at it.

So, hello world - this is me, Jonah. John’s better half and the proudest mommy of 2 adorable kids.
John. The luckiest husband and daddy dearest for Kiero and Kiera.

This platform will be our pages for the adventures, experiences, rants, and raves we’ll share as a family - happy or sad, fun or misery, all in here.


“It’s the little memories that last a lifetime.”
Thanks for reading!!!

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