Hello Steemit bloggers, readers.
I am a new blogger and I am enjoying Steemit a lot.
Lots of people are helpful here. That's the thing I like the most.
And, I do not have much to tell you guys about me. I do not have any special thing to tell you.
I am from a small landlocked developing country "Nepal". Most of you may not have even heard the name. 😊
That's fine. I am on SteemIt to blog about cryptocurrency. Mostly about ICO. 😋 Actually, to get some bounty tokens. haha!
You can see my blogs are all about ICO except this one.
And, I do not mind when I don't get some upvotes as I said I am not here to earn from Steemit. 😊
But, It is really amazing to be a part of this site.
Thanks, guys.
You guys are amazing.
I do not know much about Steemit.
looking forward to learn something from seniors around here.

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