Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is........ J*Nard @jnardthedirector

Hey everyone my name is Jason, I am also known as J*Nard and this is my very first Steemit Post!


A little about me:

I am a Freelance Videographer who recently moved from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles to continue chasing dreams in the world of Videography & Film. I have been capturing video since the age of 12 and editing since the age of 14 so Videography is much more than just a passion, it's who I am and how I envision experiences. I plan to share my adventures, Videography and other relative opinionated articles with you to engage conversation, inspire, entertain & enlighten. So go ahead and give my page a follow!

To learn more about me checkout my Instagram page and Website

P.S. I love Crypto

#STEEMITandchill #jnardadventures #videographer #travel #losangeles #crypto #EOSgang #tronarmy #lumenlegends #NEOtheone #musicvideodirector #dreamchaser #video

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