welcome people of steemit,
I've already did sort of an introduction to myself, at that time I did not knew that the #introduceyourself tag was so important. So here is a short introduction to myself.

My name is mike (aka jacktheflipper), I'm a microstock photographer. For those how don't know wat microstock is, microstock sites are sites where you can sell your work like photo's, video's, soundeffects, songs, after effect templates and so on. I'm mainly in photography and videography. you can make a nie amount of money with microstock if you work hard enough and keep adding new files to your portfolio.
Here is a link the one of the best microstock sites out there:
Click the link and give it a try.

second thing I love to do is creating youtube video's. I'm not a youtuber myself but I help my 2 boys with their channel.
I'm making the b-rolls for them and help them with editing, I love to edit some b-rolls tot the beat. I think their videos look really great for a kids channel.

I want to end this blog with one of my first microstock photos
This photo was a success right away. It was schot on an old canon eos d1000. After this I've upgraded my gear, I now have:
Nikon d600
Leica d-lux (type 109)
Dji phantom 4 pro.

Thanks for reading.

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