Help Ukrainians in Need

Support to victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war all over Ukraine "ILYSA RAZOM"

ILYSA RAZOM - is an association of people who provide support to victims of the Russian-Ukrainian war all over Ukraine. We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization, the work of which is based on the implementation of charitable activities in the interests of Ukrainian society. The organization was created during the war, and it operates solely on a volunteer basis, in with the support of volunteers.

  • How the group formed?

People who helps in our organization had different professions. Some of us were heads of business companies, some of us were journalists, producers, tv announcers, some of us were managers of taxi corporation. We all collaborate to help each other .

  • What we do?

We made a system with two links.
First made for people who needs something.
Second made for those who can help.
We put all this orders in our system.
So if someone can help, we collect from them food, water and clothes and keeping it all in our warehouses. When we see on a first link orders we send it to the group of the drivers. Who is free is coming to warehouse to pick up the order and deliver.

  • Where?

We work all over Ukraine.

  • How many people in our group?

We have 30 members who’s coordinating and around 50 drivers.

  • What type of humanitarian did we deliver?

Food, water and clothes.

For example countryside of Kyiv is cut out of the world. So we try to support 5000 people with food and water by car and boats everyday. We already set up a system of delivery.

The purpose of the organization is to provide food, medicine and clothing to all those in need.

In such a difficult time for all of us, we must unite, we must be together, so the help of each of you would be invaluable.

Together (Razom)


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