Hello steemit. I'm Mike and I like to hike

Name: Mike
Age: 31
Sex: M
Location: Maine, US
Hobbies: cooking, hiking, strategy video games, documentaries, comedy, current events, football, cryptocurrency
Occupation: accountant/waiter

This is me on a mountain:

I've read that when making intro post, you should prove your identity... I made an intro video to help with legitimacy, as well to try this dtube thing out:

I found out about steemit researching different cryptos back in December when everything was taking off. I'm looking for a facebook alternative in light of the recent developments the past couple weeks, I like the layout of this site, and I dig the fact that almost everyone here is into crypto!

I'm likely using steemit to post primarily photos of things special in Maine- landmarks, events that may be unique to Maine, coasts, mountains, deserts, forests, plants, animals, all that stuff. I want to give locations and reviews of little-known hikes around my state, so there is a repository of knowledge for this info (even if it's in an obscure place). I really love our world, but I've noticed that even in my state it is slowly changing.. so I want to document the changes while enjoying as much as I possibly can. Perhaps I can motivate some of you to check out public trails or land trusts around you? Maybe someone in China is curious what the other side of the world looks like? If nothing else, steemit will help me track my adventures. I'll hopefully interact with some great people in this community along the way; I've been a member of a couple other obscure online groups (shout out to anyone on here from luelinks or ETI), and met some people who turned into wonderful, lasting lifelong friendships.. so please feel free to interact if you're looking to chat, I'm friendly =)

Here's some pics I've taken:

Waiting for sunrise at the iconic Maine lighthouse Fort Williams, Cape Elizabeth

Maine's highest peak Mount Katahdin, Baxter State Park

Some old relic I discovered atop an even older mountain trail in Southern Maine.. anyone know what this is!? (there was another about a half mile away...)

my buddy Riley who joins me on hikes when he's not busy

"Height of land", a gorgeous vista right off Maine route 17

just a charming little tree on a trail through a marsh. I thought it looked neat during foliage season...

Snow sculpture I built to RAISE AWARENESS FOR STEEMIT! =D

Thanks for watching/reading. If you are curious about the great state of Maine, or ever may be interested in any of the hobbies I listed above... a give me a follow. I look forward to becoming a part of the community!

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