Who am I?

I am Fidelis Onu and from Nigeria.

Permit me to reintroduce myself. I have been away since the days of steemit. My friend Fatherfaith, told me that hive is a wonderful place to be and with amazing people doing great works in all fields of life.

I am a growth mindset coach and I offer writing tips for start-up writers.

As a mindset coach, my mission is to offer people the opportunity to see through their mind's eyes what they could achieve.

Then, I guide them through the process of achieving their desired dream life in business, happiness, and relationship.

Successful business and relationships require effective communication skills, I work with clients through their communication patterns leading to the achievement of the desired goals.

Then, the cycle of coaching continues. From goal setting through careful writing, goal planning, and execution to goal attainment.

Even though I had my diploma in science laboratory technology, postgraduate diploma in telecommunications, and master's in telecommunications, I love writing.

Reading and writing is my hobby and I enjoy the balance in them.

As I learn, I share, and I earn.

This creates for me a sequence of learning, unlearn, and relearning.

That makes me a student of life.

Students are learners and as I learn, I make a profit through the process of learning.

New information comes with enlightenment which brings an opportunity to grow and earn.

I love writing challenges and getting inspired by the works of others.

I am excited to meet you and I look forward to a profitable relationship with you.

I hope I am welcome.

I hope I will be blessed with your awesomeness.

Happy to write and introduce myself this morning.

Have a great day.


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