A Shy Bicolano’s Introduction to the Hive Family ft. My Dog

A Shy Bicolano’s Introduction to the Hive Family ft. My Dog

After posting my very first hive post in the #Axiebuzz community, @traciyork and @lovesniper advised me to make an introduction.

Of course! How could I forget to introduce myself?! But as a very shy person, I will ask help from my faithful assistant, my dog, Kagata!


Kagata: Henlo favorite hoomins! It is I, the good boy!....... Hey boss? Where are you going? ahem ahem. Since my hoomin is feeling shy, I, Kagata, will introduce grenfunkel! By the way, here is a lovely picture of a flower I have been sniffing recently. This is my offering to the bees in this Hive. woof~


And another one!


  • So boss, tell us more about yourself, woof?

The name "grenfunkel" is very random to be honest. I have blindly encoded letters as I was making a game character's name. My real name is kinda funny so I'll let the readers guess it. In the urban dictionary website my name was described as "....you may either become evil or develop a extreme liking of cookies". I like cookies by the way.

I grew up in Albay, Philippines. Here is a photo of the Mayon Volcano.


Kagata: Misdirection successful, boss! Now they won't look for your face~

My hobbies include reading novels and playing games. Just recently, I have been trying several blockchain games like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands. Here is one of my blog post I have recently made:

How I Got into Blockchain Games: Axie Infinity || Part 1 || Part 2

I dabble a bit in the world of writing but I lack prior experience aside from trying to blog in wordpress. If you find something funky with my written works, please do slap tell me. (◕‿↼)

  • What plans do you have here in this lovely buzzing community?

My goal is to share my experiences in the blockchain games. I will also be posting some guides I have previously made in my Axie scholarship guild(with permission of course). Aside from that, I will do my best to write as regularly as I can.

Kagata: I will always support you, woof!


I would like to thank @mechpolaris for making me interested in splinterlands. Without him, I would have not known about Hive and its wonderful community.

Kagata: Errrr... Boss I think you forgot to hide your face in your profile picture.

Once again, please take care of me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧)


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