Hey everybody,

I'd like to introduce myself to the Hive community and from here on out get more involved with the community! 😀

My name is Gary. I'm Irish. I write songs. I study music too.
This is me and my 1982 Yamaha a friend gave me last year.


I finish my degree in a year. Part of me doesn't want to finish it. But I started it so feel the need to continue. I don't care about the piece of paper at the end, experience is everything and it's been a helpful way to stay in contact with the world.

I found this note I wrote when I was 9 when I was 29.
hole trought.jpg
I'm not catholic anymore, but I did find this note in a children's bible.

I wrote poems and songs in my early life. Someone gave me a guitar when I was 14 and I just started playing and kept playing mostly in private. I got really in to sports in my teens and lost touch with the more creative side of myself. I think the reason for that was some people made fun of me for a piece of my poetry ending up in a local newspaper. I think that is the main reason I focused more on sports growing up, to fit in, to be one of the lads and part of a pack. I was always a lone wolf though, deep deep down. I think that's why that part of my life was very painful and I caused a lot of pain for others by bullying them, starting fights I couldn't win and throwing cheap punches. My true self was angry and took it out on others. When outcasts conform both sides get hurt.


I went through some intense awakenings in my late teens and fell in to a depression. I went to America on a soccer scholarship around that time and came back to Ireland when I was 22 with long hair, some experience with drugs a longing to write songs. I was growing out of sports during this time, in fact growing out of most of what society had to offer. Became attracted to outsiders, hippies, musicians, Buddhist's, different people, y'know. It was the beginning of me taking my mind back and my life back.
When I think of it now it was like my younger poetic self coming back online!

gary at cloud.jpg
I was glad to see the back of that part of my life.

Fast forward: I'm 31 now. So I'll let the music do the talking from here.
The following projects were all made over the past year from songs I wrote during the previous 4-5 years or thereabouts.
Entering my 30's and entering lockdowns encouraged me to start sharing my music.
I probably would have done that whether there were lockdowns or not.

I made this with a friend during the first lockdown.

I wrote, recorded, produced & mixed this album last Autumn/Winter.
Off Track & Up Front

A video I made at the start of 2021 as a protest to current societal trends and a reminder of our relationship to one another.

And finally one of my most recent songs I wrote after someone called me a fascist for expressing my views on lockdowns and all of that stupid shit.

That's where I'm at at the moment. It was fun to make this post, look back and reflect and share my life and and my work in a space that I already feel like I can relax in based on what I know and what I've seen so far here.

Shout out to @montycashmusic for encouraging me to join this forum and to make this post. I met him somewhere along the way back before you could travel upon the free earth.

Shout out to @hivepeople too. Thanks for creating the space and the work done backdoors.

I should probably say something about Covid. When it comes to vaccinations I wont be getting one. I also stopped wearing a mask some time ago. It took me some time to step in to my truth in regard to the Covid situation because I had a very rough ride last year. Who didn't, right? It looks as though we are heading for a 2 tier society here in Ireland and Europe but at the same time I remain (naively?) optimistic and hopeful!

Look forward to connecting.

With love,

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