Why on earth would anyone want a second Steemit account?

After being on Steemit for nearly two years there are a bunch of things I'm still wondering about.

And starting a new account seems like a good way to suss them out, because then I can try a bunch of random shit and see what happens.

Several of my friends have set up new accounts in order to be anonymous. But I'm not convinced that is really possible. If anyone wants to find out who I am, they can do it.

But I'm pretty much passed caring about that - I've been posting stuff on my own websites and blogs for 20 years now, and I've said just about everything controversial I can think of. If the CIA are watching me they know where I am!

So I'll say it up front: I'm better known as @sift666 and my website domains include and

On my @sift666 account I'm an old school Steemian with a bunch of principles that have been drummed into me. I've worked hard to build up a good account, post good content and be the sort of person I want to meet on Steemit.

But there are some things that I'm really quite unsure about. Issues I'm avoiding and other things I'd like to test out. Such as:

Is it OK to post content from my own webpages if I didn't write it new for Steemit?

Is it OK to use bidbots to upvote my posts and make more money?

And is it OK to do short posts like photos, art, and jokes?

I come from a Steemit background in which the answer to those questions is NO IT'S NOT, you circle jerking plagiarist!

On my sift666 account I have posted an image on every single comment I've ever done (about 5500 of them), and now I would really hate to do a comment without an image. Probably nobody else gives a toss about that one, but I now have a standard to live up to.

And that is what being old school is like - we have these rules and regulations.

A bunch of my Steemit friends are vegetarian or vegan, but I own a business selling animal based food supplements like cod liver oil and gelatin.

I think veganism is a very poor diet choice and have some kick arse research to back that up. But on Steemit we just don't go there, and I have never posted any information from our Paleo or WAPF pages. Is that a good thing? - it has been easier, but I don't know if I'm just being a gimp...

A big thing that I'm trying to get my head around is that everyone I'm following (and me too) has taken a massive drop in payouts this year - and even if bidbots are the main cause of that, what if not using them is never going to fix the problem, and not using them is shooting myself in the foot?

Old school sift666 has always thought bidbots are evil, but going from $50 posts to $5 posts sucks. I didn't get $20 grand in my wallet from earning increasingly lower amounts, and I can see those old big earner days are over.

So here is where @frot comes in - on this account I'm not trying to play by a secret set of rules like a Yakuza or something, the way I feel compelled to on @sift666 . FROT is just about finding the best way to post content and also make profits. And what I learn here I'll use on @sift666

Does it matter whether anyone even follows this new account? I don't know, and that is why I'm doing this experiment. I'm just curious to see how it pans out.

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