Introduceyourself ; Hello steemian's,I'm Erinna rifa

Again Hello all,

How are you all?

I'm erinna rifa from Bangladesh.I'm a student and now studying at a college image

I'm so excited for joining world most popular community steemit.I've heard some friends about steemit. Everyone thinks this is the best platform. Steemit's popularity is a lot higher today.

I will tell about my country. I love my country. Bangladesh is a small country on world, full of natural beauty.Bangladesh is called the country of green in the world. There are many curved river here.In Bangladesh cox's baza of the world's largest beach.IMG_20180331_202819.jpg

"You can not find such a country anywhere, you are the queen of all countries, my birth country"

I love to work and always keep myself self-confident. Any work is not difficult, everything is possible when trying.I always want to work for world peace. I pray all the time that everyone is intelligent.The world will go a long way if everyone works in an intelligent way.

Some my work below.

I like art so much. The mind can be expressed through art.IMG_20180331_192954.jpg
My little sister drawingIMG_20180331_204836.jpg

Sometimes i love photographyIMG_20180324_113415.jpg
Jackfruit photographyIMG_20180324_111430.jpg
my selfieIMG_20180328_220958.jpg

Since I am new, so everyone will pray for me and everyone will help me.Let me go ahead and fulfill my dreams.
Thanks everyone for reading myself.

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