My FIRST 24 Hours On Steemit - I little bit more about me and my transformation journey and my new video projects

So.... my first 24 hours on steemit.....

...... exciting.... check!

...... confusing....... check!

....... still exciting??? check!

I have made a few posts... I have invested in some steem.... I have made a few comments... earned a few dollars.... woke up at 3am thinking about it.... check!

I'm not going to lie... whilst the first thing that excited me about all of this was the idea that good content gets rewarded as does being a good community member.... the other thing that excited me was the idea that I could quickly and easily start earning BIG BUCKS!!!!

With all these get rich quick youtube videos whizzing around... I put my introduction post up before going to bed and I was SO excited, it was like a kid trying to sleep on christmas eve!

My intro post was featured by @poeticsnake on her curation project... this was a GREAT confidence boost!! My intro post was sitting at about $3... I started research and playing around with steembots and power-ups etc... trying to see if I could get some more traction with my post and I eventually got it up to $30!! Not bad!!

But to be honest... I still really have no idea what I'm doing... LOL

The consistent theme I keep hearing is... be consistent and focus on great content... I'm starting a little project recording 60-90sec reviews on books and tech and posting them on dtube.!/v/elevatedlife/e3lq2upq

I'm also in the middle of filming a life transformation vlog series.... oh yeah... I'm also in the middle of losing 55kg in weight and trying to raise the money to visit 3 life transformation centres this year to completely redefine who I am inside and out.!/v/elevatedlife/7glzbdes

and I live completely off the proceeds of my itty-bitty kombucha business after having to quit my job due to a near mental breakdown last year from and incredibly stressful job working with young victims of abuse as a group counsellor... oddly enough... it was not the kids who stressed me out... it was the corporate politics of the not-for-profit world... the people who treated the kids like numbers and the staff like liabilities... it was truly heart-wrenching having to walk away from all those brave young people that I worked with... but it highlighted that I actually had a lot of trauma to deal with myself.

How great will it be when I finish my transformation to be able to help others transform? My vision is to produce this vlog series and monetise it enough to take others on the journey at either no-cost or at a greatly reduced cost and to document their transformation journeys also.... I would also like to start my own program for at-risk youth but with a more spiritual "new-age" approach.

But first I need to work on myself... I've been awake since 3am writing scripts for videos to record today (I'm always an early riser) The sun will be coming up soon and I will go for a big walk around the local park and I think I will be starting a juice cleanse today... I'm desperate to lose this weight and invigorate my health and to re-ignite my soul...

My first stop will be a 28 day detox fast at the Health Oasis in Thailand where I will survive on this:

for 28 days and undertake daily yoga and TWICE DAILY colonics!!

Here I expect to shift at least 30kg of my 55kg target... I was there 2 years ago for 10 days and lost 10kg

I will then be undertaking a 10 day SILENT meditation retreat called "Vipassana" which will help me to gain more control over my emotions and start the shed some of the emotional baggage.

I will then be visiting Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica and going on a 7 day program of coaching and ayahuasca ceremonies which will take me on a psychedelic journey to reconnect with my soul and to uncover my true purpose.

My budget for all these experiences?? around $10,000.... I'm drawing on the law of attraction to make this year possible and... so far it's guiding me really well (I believe it's why I found steemit) and I have already had over $2000 in unexpected income in the last month! So excited!! I've been utilising twice daily mantra meditation and listening to self-help teachers about changing my relationship with money... it's going SO WELL 

Thank you all so much for reading... please give me advice and feedback on how I can do better here on steemit and more ideas on how I can raise more money for my transformation journey... I'm really open to any or all ideas.

Much love to you all... 

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