Hey Steemit, what's up!? Schrödi from Berlin here and this is my Indroduction Post👏

Hello dear Steemit community,

I am new here on Steemit and would like to introduce myself with my first post.

Who am I???

My name is Daniel Schröder, but in my circle of friends or at work they only call me Schrödi or Schröder. I am 33-year-old, working in an insurance office, where I manage the corporate and life insurance business. My home is Berlin. I was born, raised and could not imagine a better place to live.
I live with my lovely girlfriend in a nice Apartment in the old town of Berlin-Tegel.


Shortly two words to my alias. I have been using the name @donkamikaze since 1993, when I played CounterStrike for the first time. Since then I have used it for gambling and in the virtual world.

What do the "Schröder" or my blog ???

In addition to my work, I love traveling, trying to spend time with my family and friends, and am a passionate football fan (my heart beats for Hertha BSC since I was 8 years old).


My current favorite travel destination is Southeast Asia. The flights are cheap, there is a beautiful nature, many interesting people, tropical climate and a lot of exotic destinations that want to be traveled.
This year in June, Bali is my next travel destination. I am happy to receive tips and advice from you, what you can do and what you have to see. I already read out a travel guide and the route is as good as solid.


I'm curious to see where other Steemit members have been and I look forward to receiving new ideas for my travels from you. Of course I will rummage around with one or the other member and extract information from myself.

I will let you, if it interests a few people, share in my experiences and experiences on my journey and also about my life. I have made countless photos and videos on my travels and, of course, there are always stories behind the photos or videos.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-26 um 21.46.20.png

If you have questions (like on insurance), just come to me. I always like to help and look forward to your comments.


I wish you a nice Monday night and I am happy to be a part of the great community.

Best Regards

Schröder @donkamikaze


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