Did You Just Rhyme That Whole Thing?

 💣   💥💣

He's out, the gates are open now, the first round, he's wondering how to post a 1/2 decent Introduce Yourself

What you're about to read's a little insight to me, a quick story, hopefully you receive it well.

-i'll do a few italic sentences like this but they won't rhyme, sorta, well not at all actually-  🔇  ✍ 

I'm used to hand shakes but this blank page takes away the shake and adds a place that isn't lame to make some WAVES.

-called steemit.com-

Hey what's up everyone?! Post number one, here it comes. Not sure how it's typically done or specifically run but this one's gonna be unique, let's have some fun.

-on your mark.. set, go-  🚀 🏁 

Steadily concentrating debating in my mind thinking "how should I start this out?"

Heavily negotiating these taste buds left to right as I'm twirling my tongue around.  

I got it! Spotted at the top of this topic it reads a name: dandays

My wife's name starts with a D, she's gorgeous, of course she's before me and my name starts with an A.

-get it?  💡 DNA; D (and) A (ys) ya, like that-

Shirts made of tattoo's, no hats dude, knew I had to once my attitude viewed the good book.

Pacific Coast I choose to get through to you as I'm tuned into these two sand dunes, it's a good look.

-no, really. I'm sitting in the sand right now-  ⛱  🏄 

iPhone in hand, notepad is open and just know that whatever lands, I'm reading for the first time too.

No assistance for instance when BTC catches resistance all that ever happens is it cruises right through.

42 years and counting, often doubting consistent shouting thoughts like this routing loudly in and outta my mind.

So this time I'll hide behind what I write and let you decide if I got it right and maybe, who knows really but maybe It'll hit in full stride. 🥊   🏇 

Thanks in advance for a platform that's backed by a community of hands made up of you and me.

I hope this comes out right, intentions of mine decide to write lines that makes everybody reading this an MC.

What a great community, lined with cryptocurrency, seems we all agree this Steemian family is some pretty hip eco-friendly technology.

So I can get creative now? Form thoughts and write em down, snap shots and put em out, invent sounds record em loud, comment, reply and post em all around.

-wow!-  👊 🗣 

Feels like my kinda pace, again a big thanks for saving me a space as I venture through here trying to find my place.

Only concern I have now is when I set this phone down will I figure out how to avoid vanishing all of a sudden.

I love to learn, write and compose, honest and humble as I grow, make people think and laugh I suppose but I'm not sure about clicking the Post button.

-dammit-hmm..-    🙊 🙈 

Typical life, difficult type when you mix self confidence or lack thereof and attempt to socialize.

 🏍  💨 Close your eyes and lean back, give it GAS it's in his hands all you gotta do is ask, anyone reading this forget that sometimes?

-disclosure: I suck at remembering things-  🤷  

Here I go again just trying to avoid the end so I don't get caught up in a conflict of mixed emotions.

I got two options now, I could delete everything I just wrote down or click the Post button and just keep going.




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