Let me introduce myself

Hello! I am Mary. I am a very creative person. I started to draw since I was little. I love love art. It's my therapy. I managed to get through a lot of difficult times thanks to my artistic skills. I am very fond of pointillism and I also love colors. I do very detailed stippled art as you can see. I am in love with facepainting, photography and books. Anything art related is right up my alley.


I recently started to paint on fabric and I love it. It's very nice and I think that I will try my talent in this area more. I have a Youtube channel with ASMR voice, another one with handmade stuff and a third with art, painting etc.
I love to write as well. A year ago I started my own blog where I write whenever I feel my soul aching. It's very nice to be able to write your own thoughts and to use writing as a cathartic way of dealing with life's struggles.



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