Indroducing myself

Hi Hive community!

My name is Cedric! I'm a french developer living in a city in the south of Taiwan for almost 5 years.
I graduated from a french university in September 2016. Since that I've been working as a full-stack developer in different companies.
Some of you might know me already since I've been working with @stoodkev for more than a year on @steem-plus, developing a lot of new features! It was a really fun experience and seeing the @steem-plus community growing everyday was very satisfying.
When @stoodkev told me he might need help to develop the @keychain extensions, I was excited to come back and enjoy all the progress the Hive community made since I left 2 years ago!

I'm really looking forward to contribute again to this really nice ecosystem!
@stoodkev and I


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