Hello friends Steemit! I am the Bothanikha

Steemit friends, it is a pleasure for me to be a new member of this great family, which I met through friends and family that motivated me to join this prestigious platform.

My name is Carmen, I have two beautiful daughters whom I love very much, I live in Venezuela, a beautiful country rich in natural resources, I am currently retired and I dedicate myself to my home 100%, at the time I retired it was a hard experience , because I initially missed my daily routine at work, however, over time I adapted to my new reality and began to appreciate the simplest of life, what really fills me and makes me happy; how to prepare a delicious meal, dedicate myself to what I like to do, paint, cook, write and above all to my plants, which represent for me a world of possibilities, they give us health, their energy, fruit, beauty, aroma , flowers, color, and why not, your company, since they are living beings that are with us in our homes and grow day by day; For all those reasons, I am faithful to them and decided to adopt the name of Bothanikha.

Hence, this blog will be aimed to tell my experience with the plants and all the benefits they bring us to make our daily life happier, healthier and more productive. In my post you will find information related to plants, natural medicines, beauty secrets, drinks recipes, meals, tricks to beautify the home and even the magic that some of them have to alleviate our spirit and clear our home of bad energies, between others.

Hence, the information I will share will be structured by days:

Monday- Health
Tuesday- Beauty
Wednesday- Kitchen
Thursday- Flowers and their kindness
Friday- Aromatherapy
Sunday- the plants and their magic

Regarding my expectations with this blog, as I said before, is to humbly share my experiences, learn and communicate with all of you friends who love plants and nature in general.

I hope you like my publications, and support me and give your comments in order to grow every day in this wonderful community.

See you soon!!!


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