Let's be friends (film director, music video maker, photographer)

 Hello! By this post I open my Steemit era! I want to introduce myself: I'm a director, scriptwriter, photographer, video-designer from Kiev (Ukraine). 

From my last achievements - participation as a director in the first highest-grossing Ukrainian film of 2017, a comedy  blockbuster "DZIDZIO Contrabass". Without exaggeration, this is one of the most successful Ukrainian films. 

Trailer  here

Before that, for many years I was engaged in creating video clips for a large number of Ukrainian musicians. A certain section of my activity as a director of video clips is reflected in this showreel  

Among other things, my strong passion is photography

I love black-and-white photos. I travel a lot and walk a lot, and there's always a photo camera with me. Two personal photo exhibitions took place in 2017 in Kiev. 


Steemit is interesting to me as a place where I can share the results of my work. I am open to cooperation and always happy to make new friends

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