My Introduction, I think it too late but better late than never

Namaskar / Hello to all hive users, who will reach this post. I hope you are doing great and having fun in your life and enjoying it with your loved ones.

Few days ago @hivebuzz post a new post that is Time to go on your Hive Tour, may be many of you have the post and commented also there , shared or may be blogged the post or not.

there was a new updates that they have made in the website hivebuzz most of us used this website to see our badges and other thing to there are few updates are done that was shown on the post so I also comment in there then few user reply on my comment they are @fionasfavourites , @daltono and @hivebuzz you can read the whole conversion there. My special thanks to
@fionasfavourites and @hivebuzz who have encouraged me to make a #introduction post. so I am here with my Introduction post.

When and How I join -

It's been around 3 years, 1 months, 11 days ago I am here in steem hive, my friends told me about this platform but at start I was a bit hesitated to join steem that time, I was not a social type guy but time sure changes us and a lots of things have changed in me as well as.

A brief Intro -

I am from Uttarakhand , a beautiful state of India I have completed most of my studies form here and I am doing a decent Job from here and earn a decent amount that is enough for me. I love to read others blogs and I especially love specially artwork and photography that is really my best community in the #Hive. Ans follow users here not that much but few and sure unfollow them when they are not regular.

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My journey here-

I was here from then 3 years but you can see my account hasn't grown that much as compared the time I have spent here. Yes that is really true I totally think that too so I haven't achieved more as compared to the other user from which I have started my journey here most of the users are not active anymore.
I have been vanished from here for a long time around 8- 9 months I guess I have no exact numbers but sure I was and that was the worst thing/ mistake I have done here. That time I have no idea about the power, tokens and all the things I haven't told about this to others because I have no prior knowledge of this myself. But now I am well aware of all the things[ you can say 70 % maybe not 100 % yet ] and I talk about this platform to others to help them to join and delegate a few HP to grow their account if they don't work I take back my HP.

I am trying a lot to make new friends here and intact with as much as user I can and growing my HP I have shown my goals of 2021 you can see there too.
Now I am regular here this like my daily part of my routine I am not complete without #hive,
Now I know a top secret thing about #hive that is helping me grow more here from past few months I will share that top secret things with you now that are -:

  • Interaction
  • Engagement
  • Write Good Quality posts
  • Never Give up.
  • No one will become Rich in a day here.

and one more thing for the #hive user just HOLD the #hive we have to travel a long distance so buckle up your seat belts.
I have reach 4000 Hive power, It feels great.

most payout of this post will be used for the new user of #hive. I am not going to take it thanks to @brittandjosie for your comment I really appreciate that ­čÖĆ

This is it by my side I thing this is it. If you want to know anything else about me just comment.

Thanks a lot for being here, Let me know your thoughts!









Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----

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