My fast introduction post of steemit community...

Hello friends, how are you? Of course you are very good always be good and healthy. I pray this wish and my name is Md. Ariful Islam My house Bangladesh and now I am in Malaysia and I work in the building site here I have been here for the last two years.


Suddenly, I could learn about this site from a friend and I became very interested in learning more about this site and once told me to open an account and give a little bit of information about this in which I can do some work.

I want you to cooperate with me. Anyway, I do not know anything about this side. I do not know anything about this side. Actually, what I have to do on this site and what kind of work to do but I have learned that here I can share all the things I like in my mind. I will be able to highlight you and I will try my day or day to give you some good gifts.

Maybe in my writing there may be a lot of mistakes I know that you will see me for the new person. I am a worker and I suffer hard earned money and I came to this site so that I can learn a lot from you and by using that learning I can go ahead.

I always like many things as if there are so many types of people who are interested in many things, then I am showing some of my favorite sports and everyday things in you.

I love playing cricket and I have chosen cricket as my favorite game, with that I love caramboord and I always like watching good movies.

Let me share it among you in my first post. Hope you enjoy it and of course you will help me increase your cooperation and I will try to go ahead with your cooperation and do something good that there are many people who work on this site for a very long time but I want something from this site that I can learn something I can do something.

Thank you very much, who told me about this site and gave me many information about this site. His name is @mamun123456 Thank you brother for telling me about such a beautiful site and I really appreciate you to join me on such a beautiful platform. .

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