My first solo hike @Thornton State Beach in beautiful California

Hello Steemit!
My name is Jennie. I love to travel and take pictures. I intend to share my adventures and travels.

I gave up work and have been traveling for almost a year. I finally decided to slow down while saving up for my next trip. I can't think of a better time to organize and share all my adventures from the past year. I have so much to share! All the people I've met, all the stories, and all the countries and cities I've visited. So stay tuned!

Being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, what better way to kick off than to introduce the beautiful nature my home state has to offer. It is also my very first solo hiking adventure!
My most recent and solo hike was at beautiful Thornton State beach in Daily City, California. I didn't expect to hike, instead I was planning to just go to the beach and relax. What a perfect metaphor for life, the best rewards comes with hard work. I started all the way up here, quite far and very high from the beach itself.

To get here, I had to be a bit of a rebel. I went past the fences and was instantly reward with a beautiful path surrounded by beautiful spring flowers!
As beautiful as these flowers were, the entire time I was walking through them, all I could think about was, I hope there aren't any snakes that will pounce at me! I kept repeating out loud, "Sorry, sorry! Don't bite me!" Maybe they can understand and feel that I didn't mean any harm because at some point I definitely saw something dart from one side of the brush to the other side... It made my heart stop for a second, but it quickly disappeared.

But the beach was still so far away!
I climbed down a pretty steep hill in order to get over the hills and closer to the beach. Looking back, I actually can't believe I was able to get down this hill!
But I was definitely surprised every step of the way!
But there was still a way to go...
This hill really wasn't too bad, but just very, very steep! I believe there's an easier way, but I enjoyed this strenuous climb a lot. It makes me feel so alive and I manage to only fall on my butt one time!
After multiple uphill, downhill, and back uphill again, I finally found the perfect spot to sit and relax for a bit. What makes this the perfect spot?

Because this was the view to my right
And this was the view on my left!
It got a bit chilly after sitting there admiring the view, so I had to put on my hoodie to keep my little head warm.
I am so, so, so in love with my Uniqlo SPRZ NY pocketable parka jacket! It's so light weight yet warm. It definitely blocks out the right amount of wind.

I decided to explore a bit more and went deeper into the unknown. All the while thinking, "Man, if I took the wrong step and fell down, I could really hurt myself! Let me make sure my phone isn't dead and I have reception here."
Every step I take, the more in awe I am and why I have never been here before?! There's even a cute little slab of rock.
Lucky me, caught the beautiful sunset.
Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 2.51.01 AM.png
As the sunsets, I realize I still have to go through the little valley to get back over to the other side and it can get dark fast! So I started my trek back and almost got lost!

But I have to say, the valley during sunset has the most beautiful lighting. To add to it all, spring flowers are blooming beautifully!
I turned back for one last look and absolutely cannot resist taking another photo before heading back!
I am absolutely in love with this gem and can't wait to come back with friends to show them the little spots I manage to find while getting lost!

First solo hike complete and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

Cheers! <3

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