10 Awesome Facts About Dominic (@ambigenius)

Hello everybody! My name is Dominic and I believe that this world is in need of massive cultural and political revolutions. I have a lot of experiences and perspectives that can be useful in these endeavours. I also have a lot of questions, I would like to ask about the future of humanity, and I would like to pose a few solutions to some of the most pressing issues that this world faces. I believe that we can create a better world, and I would like to participate in the creation of this better world.

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  • Since 2009, I have lived outside my country of origin (New Zealand). I have traveled to dozens of countries in Europe, Asia, and Oceania, mostly using Hitchhiking to go from place to place. Cities i have made my home include Istanbul, Melbourne, and (currently) Barcelona.
  • I love to make music. I sing, play guitar, dance, write songs. I published an album on bandcamp and spotify under the name paper wallpaper.
  • I have really strong feet. Seriously. I can go trail running all day barefoot in the mountains without getting sore.
  • I am a Raccoon Master. I know the secret ways of the dumpster diver. Where i live near Barcelona, i can go for a short walk through the streets and come back with kilos (sometimes more than i can carry) of fruit, vegetables, packaged food, pastries, and all kinds of non-food items, salvaged for FREE from the trash of the town. In this fashion I can supply sufficient food for not just myself but my whole community.
  • I am a voracious reader of books, especially genre fiction (sci-fi and fantasy). Some of my favorite authors include Ursula K. Le Guin, Ted Chiang, Haruki Murakami, and Patrick Rothfuss.
  • Technogy fascinates me. In 2020 a friend of mine introduced me to the GTP-3 Artificial Intelligence Neural Network. My mind was blown and to this day i regularly use this incredible resource to generate a wide variety of text including original poetry, sagacious personalized life advice, and fake conversations with simulated experts in whatever interests me.
  • Once, while hitchhiking alone at night in Iran, I was abducted against my will by well-meaning friendly drivers, who took me far away from my road to their home in a tiny village in a remote, arid region. they hosted me for two days in their furniture-less house and fed me more food than i could eat and invited all their family and friends to come and meet me, eventually dropping me back on the main road with a goodie bag of dried fruit and nuts from their garden.
  • As an explorer in the field of perception, I enjoy to push my boundaries by imposing sensual or behavioral limitations on myself. For example, going blindfolded at a festival, relying on the kindness of strangers to navigate. Famously (amongst my friends) i once pretended to be a cat for an entire day. Miaow! :3
  • Traveling without any money or resources almost at all is a fascinating exploration. in 2017 i made a trip to Ibiza in just the clothes i was wearing (no phone, no wallet except ID, no food) for three days. i hitchhiked around and stayed with a baker and a vagabond tribe community by the beach.
  • i live in a free community with no obligations and 15-25 constantly changing individuals coming and going. we are chaos.

If this list didn't give you a good enough idea of who i am, then let me summarize my core life philosophy: I am the kind of person who intends to travel the world, reading about different philosophies, meeting people, and attempting to apply those philosophies to actual, real-world situations.

I would like to conclude this post with a call to action. I would like to work with anybody and everybody on this planet who is willing to work towards a better world. please feel free to contact me. I am usually happy to answer any questions you might have.
email - ambigenius(ambigenius@protonmail.com)

No matter what your background, race, creed, sex, or gender is, I want to talk to anybody and everybody who is interested in making this work. We all have something to contribute to this endeavour

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