hello everyone

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My name is Amara, I live in Mexico with my parents and i want to move to Paris to pursue my masters in arts. I like to travel all around the world. I have covered over 9 countries so far. Many more to go. I speak 2 languages English and Spanish, would love to learn french before going to Europe.I am more of a quiet person when its new people around me one i get used to them they will see craziness. I want to build a house there and live forever. Anyone else with such goals?
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I love to write and sketch , I am not a great artist like many of you here. I do photo-shoots for my friends. I have a lot of student photographers who encourage me to do shoots with them. And i love acting like a model in front of them, it makes me feels nice. Wanted to give blogging a try since my friend Samantha suggested. I would love to meet new people and know about their lifestyle and expand my horizon of fame like that.

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