A little bit about me ! Hello Everyone !


Hello, I'm Alexandrina. I'm originally Bulgarian but live in France at the moment. I was born in the capital Sofia, then moved to Greece when I was six and continued traveling throughout my whole life. Even though I haven't lived in Bulgaria for a long time I still feel it as a piece of me and love our beautiful country.


I am a Social Media Manager & Designer, I have finished my studies in Milan in the fashion field. I also have a degree in Graphic Design.


In my spare time, when I'm not running around my two kids 😂 , I love reading personal development books, meditating and just taking long walks in nature with my loved ones. I enjoy meeting new people and just bringing positivity to this earth.

Sonya Stoyanova @pagane introduced me to this platform and a Bulgarian community which I'm so grateful for. Thank you @pagane !

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