I AM @actifit-lamb!

Hi! I am @actifit-lamb, and this is my very own first post! I am so exited to be here! Let me tell you a little about me!

I used to sit on top of a refrigerator unit at a check stand at my human mom's local grocery. I'd see her come in and as she would wait in line, she'd look up at me and then check out and would leave the store. I was so hoping she'd put me in her basket and take me home.

One day, she came in and picked me up and then, as I held my breath, she placed me in her basket. I was going home with her! I was so excited! She named me Actifit-Lamb and soon we were hiking everywhere together.

We live in the Pacific Northwest and near our home is some of the most lovely land and mountains to hike in. I love to go on adventures and this fits the ticket just right! My mom always takes me with her and Dad when they go hiking.

We were on the Buckhorn Loop trail at the box and bench that some people put up. I climbed up into the box to get the book


and then I sat to read the entries that were in the book.


I can't wait to tell you more about our adventures, but there is plenty of time for that. Thank you for reading this far and please leave comments below.


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