I'm the child of the universe


Since this is my first post, of course I will introduce myself. I'm Titis Nariyah who has dimples on both sides. Just call Titis enough. I was born and grew up in Pekalongan, Central Java. I currently live in Ciputat, South Tangerang. I have loved reading since I was in elementary school and hope to become a novelist when I grow up. Of course that hasn't materialized yet, because so far it's not a novel I've written, just a little poem for my own enjoyment.

This time, after being introduced to the Hive platform by my two friends; Anggrek Lestari and Vivi Hardika, I want to try new things, write and tell stories about exciting things. Because I also pursue a hobby as a mountaineer and backpacker. I will tell you how beautiful Indonesia's nature is, how dashing Mount Rinjani is, the beauty of Segara Anak lake, the beautiful charm of Mount Bromo which is famous for its sunrise views. Also, the land above the clouds, Dieng, Wonosobo. I also want to show you the face of the peak of Mount Semeru, which is known as the roof of the island of Java.


Apart from traveling, I also love to cook. My mother and I manage a small restaurant for a special menu of Nasi Megono, a specialty of my hometown. We take care of this business together. I learned my cooking skills from my mom and dad.


I also studied theater performances with the Dapoer Sastra Tjisaeok community and the music group Emperan Pamulang. I learned many things from them and made many friends.

I knew Vivi and Anggrek from a writing community in a Facebook group in late 2010. Then we held a literacy camp in the wild, met and discussed good books, or held a meeting to just drink coffee in the courtyard of Taman Ismail Marzuki.


In addition, Vivi and I have been involved several times in organizing painting exhibitions by artists in Jakarta. Vivi and I joined as the organizing team and helped with the preparations for the event.


Recently, due to the pandemic and restrictions on outdoor activities, Vivi and I have been busy with other things. We both really like K-Pop idols like Super Junior, Exo, and NCT. Not long ago, we agreed to buy Super Junior's album The Renaissance for 15 years of their debut. We are very enthusiastic about Hello Future-The 1st repackage album from NCT Dream. Vivi made a Hello Future choreography video and uploaded it on her Instagram account. I really envy her dancing skills and writing novels. We often share news about NCT's activities on NCT's official YouTube channel. It doesn't stop here, even Vivi refers to herself as Johnny Seoh's wife and Haechan's mother, one of the NCT members who is famous for his extraordinary energy and enthusiasm. Alright, Vi, then you can't forget, I'm Jeno's mother, Lee Dong Hae's wife! Ha ha ha.


Sorry if this introduction is boring. I hope I can be friends with you!

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