Wellcome to my "escape-room"

Hello everyone!

My name is Syiva Radiatul Zahara, you can call me Syivara. Born in Jakarta, February 14, 1996, and I live in the northern city of Bogor. The rain City.

My daily routine is to work in a start-up office in the heart of Jakarta, Sudirman. I am a B2B sales person. My main job is to persuade someone to buy our product. I love my job. It's not just about the achievements that will be obtained after the sale, but the opportunity to meet many new people makes this job even more interesting. So I have a lot of new colleagues.

Every day to get to the office, I have to cross the province. Not as far as you think, with a magical transportation called KRL traveling across the province feels fast and easy. Next time I will tell about the trip using the transportation.

About myself, I have a hobby of watching movies. Almost without sorting out genres. I will definitely watch all of them. One of my favorite films - of all time - is The Lord of The Rings trilogy. A really cool film, from the storyline, cinematography, acting, perfect.
Sometime maybe I will review this film and post it here.

Besides that, I also like to draw, simple design, and also write. There are so many that I like without knowing which one I like the most.

Talking about writing, it feels like it's been a long time since I stopped writing. In fact this is my first writing since 7 years ago. Previously I had a personal blog, containing romance fiction stories that I wrote myself. I feel sometimes I can get carried away by my own writings. I took part in the story. And feel in another world. My own world. "My escape room" i call it.

Luckily, after 7 years of hibernation, I was introduced to this Hive platform by a close friend, "kak Titis" whose name is, she was so kind to teach me how to use this platform patiently. Thank you @titisN, for returning "my escape room" so I can enjoy nostalgia, being in my own world.
Getting off topic, we started to get along after knowing each other was crazy about SuperJunior. We are true ELF . One day we will watch a Superjunior concert together LOL. Hope it comes true! Can't wait!

Thank you also to kak Anggrek Lestari, @anggreklestari, even though I don't know her personally but @anggreklestari is very kind person, cause let me be a member of Hive. May health always be with you and all of us.

Thanks also to Hive for being such an amazing platform.

I have not thought about what I will write on this Hive platform. However, I pray that the writing that I will write later can entertain anyone who visits, and anyone who gets lost in my "escape room" without a plan. I hope I can meet you in the best possible condition, very happy and far from physical and emotional discomfort.

Warm Regards,



This photo was taken when I finished a meeting in the Tangerang area. My friend and I visited IKEA Alam Sutera.

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