My presentation to the Hive Community


Hello Hive community, happy evening. This is my presentation or introduction. My name is Sílvia Stancione. I am a 40 years old single with no children. I have lived with my cat since I was born and I have loved cats.


Here taken from the trunk of memories with my faithful companion and childhood friend, I love cats, I think that when I get older I will have thousands of cats in my house. I don't know why I love them so much, here is the proof that I am a number one fan of cats.


Here with my mother at a family dinner do we look alike? A little or a lot I don't know, if you can tell me in the comments all the better for now we are a bit far away. At some point we will have to be together again like in the old days and a little more, united but in due time or moment.


On a trip I made to visit my mother and sister, this is my niece and her mother, who is my older sister, in Venice, Italy. Very nice and beautiful city, something I usually do is to travel or visit my family, which is scattered around the world, so I take the opportunity to meet and travel whenever I can. Soon I will make a long trip.


Here my faithful companion tucked up to his head because of the cold although lately he does not do it, but he loves his blanket before going to sleep and if it is with me much more this was part of my life in short accounts or photographs. That can speak for themselves or for oneself. This is what I can give you about me much more later. I will tell you much I and you will know him in depth.

Photos of my authorship.

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