Dare to start the road

Hi! I want to give you a big hug !! And toast with you! Life may be a breeze, and today I celebrate our rebirth in this wonderful world.

It is difficult to say who we really are, beyond our name, career, job, sign, or flag ...

But this is already more philosophical

The content that attracts me on the platform is related to the possibilities of blockchain technology, state of abundance, sacred plants communities, art, beauty, alternative rock music, styles, aesthetics, how to stop climate change, yoga, taoism, astrology, aliens, greek mythology, food sovereignty, sanskrit philosophy. Personal fulfillment. And the communication of...

A teacher told me that: "We teach what we want to learn." "We are constantly changing and playing infinite roles".

  • I want to participate in the literature communities; and with the help of fairies and nymphs tell them juicy stories.

  • I want to have fun with some games on the blockchain too.

  • And, in the virtual musical kitchens to give and receive songs and poems for my friends and lovers. _

My solar pulses and lunar feelings merge in creating music crossed by the guitar, forests and the sea._

I know it's my way ... and it's the only thing I know for now. Things are going to happen here, and now the journey begins:

One of the most transformative experiences in my life was my first trip down the coast with just a backpack.

That freedom and lightness filled me with strength and hope.

I wanted to see the sea again and camp on the sand. And I saved for half a year and with only the essentials I left by train to Buenos Aires.

I hitchhiked the Argentine coast for 3 months. And I came home (no money haha) but renewed. As if on that trip I had lived more experiences than in 3 years at home ...

I healed many wounds.

I had become passionate again!. Could be Travel a lifestyle? Haha!

All this I could do by performing simple street shows playing music or doing improvised theater.

Sharing beds or camping directly under the trees I had eternal and unforgettable nights.

Then I lived behind the mountains, in a small and not very touristy town.

There I became passionate again, but this time for sowing the land.

Since then I see everything as a vibration. Like an endless flower journey. Each destination, each corner, its a seed, and keep a magic...

Dark Age

Two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma).

Passed 12 chemotherapies, radiotherapy and finally an autologous bone marrow transplant.

Between chemo there is very little energy to do things. Sometimes the thought also skids and this is how I lost a bit of strength and went through sad (necessary) stages.

But the tumor that was 2 liters and was poking out of my chest, was reduced to only three centimeters in the last image ... Wow !!!!

They were the most difficult years of my life and during that time I was very quiet and didn't want to talk to anyone. I learned to value health in a sacred way.

Now, that I am much better, I allow myself to feel hope.

I want to travel again and meet new friends.
Yes. From everywhere.

And that my eyes see the beauty that is apparently hidden.

May my feet reach wonderful lands and may I bring more than joy. And listen to the voices and amplify ourselves.

Being on the edge of the crossroads ... I surrender to synchronicities.

I transform myself every moment ... because nothing remains ...

Those are my dreams.

And thoughts are frequencies.

What you think about now will create your future life.

Now I am happy and I am gaining wisdom. I want to be healthy and strong and I want a lifestyle aligned with my environment. Lots of energy to help myself and others to fulfill their dreams.

I want to progress in music.
Travel the world sharing art and peace.
Develop my own style with the guitar and voice.
Be in tune with the nature.

I have faith and I feel good.

I will be able to act effortlessly. Because I trust.

I feel grateful.

Thanks for reading and your support! ❤

100% Hivepower!!

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