Introduce My Self for Hive Blog, I am Roman Kadirov

Today is a historic day for me, as today I join a platform that is very qualified in terms of sharing interesting posts.


Introduce, my name is @romankaadyrov I work as an entrepreneur and have a hobby of writing, capturing unique photos, traveling, etc.

My job in the self-employment sector is in the form of helping the poor, for example making simple latrines, which is funded by the central government. And I am here as the supervisor of the construction.

One of the activities that I often do now is doing a hobby of photography in the form of macro photography. And I also often make simple writing like a diary.

In art, I often make anime, but I still learn a lot in this area.


This is my short introduction, if there are any irregularities in my writing, I really hope the seniors here can guide me so that I can make quality posts.

I really appreciate the support from seniors on the hive blog, hopefully in the future it can add to my insight.

Best Regards