Introducing Myself - A Flamin' Dawg's Pawspective On The BLOCK

Hey fellow Hivers, Hiveresses, and any fellow Canines that may abound! I've finally got myself a voice on this CHAIN and I'm damn woofing pumped! I'm so excited I can barely throw a high-four. NiceToMeechu...Burp!


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Who Am I?

As you may have guessed, I'm a Dawg and woofing proud of it. I've got my very own Hyumi too and his name is @barge. I love him very much and am in awe of the fact that he's been on Hive since before I was even born. But ya know, it frustrates the bark outa me that he doesn't seem to want to post anything much anymore. ANYHOW, finally - after nipping his ankles and ripping a trouser leg, I got him to pull out his finger, give in to the bitch and create me an account on Hive. I even chose the name @flamistan myself coz my REAL name - @flame - has been taken already. And yeah, I kinda like commas for some reason...there's a certain shitinky smell to 'em!


Now that I've arrived I am free to blog about my life and post the many cool photos of me that Barge can't be bothered doing anything with.

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How do I do this you may ask. Ha, that'd be telling and I'm not sure you Hyumis are ready for this level of popcorn yet! But, butt (yeah, I like sniffing 'em, I'm a dawg innit :) just so you don't go round thinking that me ol' Hyumi Barge is impersonating his lil' doggy Flame, I'll give you some idea and then mebbe go into it in detail later, when I've sniffed out the butts in this place a bit more.

It was Shanti who showed me how to do this dogging blogging lark actually. She's my hot bitch friend and has known Barge ever since she was a tiny little puppy dawg. I'm no longer jealous of how long they've known each other and we get on great - I even get to boss her around he he. Anyway, Shanti very cleverly figured out a way of getting inside Barge's head (animals can do that shit ya know, just gotta be sooopa aligned with the Hyumi we do it with) and wrote a rather fancypants poem showing off some of the techniques. She even went as far as getting Barge to create an account for her (@shantitown), but so far she ain't done nothing with it.


Not me! I've got a poopload of stuff to say about, well, poop and stuff for sure, but also sum deep philo shit that'd make even Hyumi tails wag...AND I ain't wordy and long-winded like my Barge! He does take nice doggy pix though and wrote a cute lil' pome about me last summer. Hey he even got the whole of Edinburgh to turn out and celebrate my first birthday - how cool is that?

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Flamin' Stats:

Flame'sVital Stats
Date of Birth5 Sep 2019
Place of BirthThe Rabbithole, Portugal: between two bales of straw
Date I met Barge4 Nov 2019 when he moved into The Rabbithole, the community in rural Portugal I was born in
Date I chose Barge18 Nov 2019
Date Barge signed up with me17 Dec 2019 - on top of a mountain when he was tripping 🤣
Personality typeAlpha Bitch - friendly, not aggressive but can be fiercely protective - takes no shit from most humans and dogs (cats are, unfortunately, quite another matter). Not devious or scheming, utterly unbribable if feeling insecure in a situation
GenesBorder Collie, German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Question mark? = Mongrel Extraordinaire
Size & WeightMedium build, around 25 Kilos
Travel7 countries so far: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland
Non-Hyumi, non-Dawg Encounters so farCat, Horse, Deer, Squirrel, Badger, Fox, Pheasant, Grouse, Highland Cow, Sheep, Seagull, Raven
Anything Else?You Betcha and there is MAGIC

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Why should a Hive Hyumi (assuming there be any such reading) give a Woof about a Dawg-Blog?
If you're not one of Hive Dawgs reading this and are a real, live Hyumi instead, well I suggest you're better off NOT giving a Woof about anything! Part of the confusion stems from trying to be what you're not. We guys go "Woof", not you! Innit so or isn't it just so?


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There you have it folks, a lil' bitch about me. See you around the chain and thanks for any tiddlywinks which I'm gona put towards an all-day dog's breakfast.

@flamistan 😘

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