My First Hive post and I joined CTP.

Hi all.
My name is Supriya Gupta and I am from India. I recently joined CTP and Hive to understand and learn affiliate marketing and blockchain. I come to know about Hive and CTP from an existing Hive user who suggested
me to try Hive/CTP so that I can learn and earn at same time.


My educational background is in finance and I hold MBA degree in finance. Recently I cleared the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) exam too.
I am looking for the job in finance field that can be purely WFH (Work from Home) in nature but till now I am not able to find one and I was suggested to join Hive and use CTP course to learn some more skill (that might help in earning from Home only.)

For past few days , I heard a lot about Bitcoin, crypto and Blockchain but all are currently buzzword to me.
I hope by joining Hive I may get understanding of these too.

Hoping to have a nice journey here and let see how the future unfolds.

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