A brief introduction about myself

A warm Namastey (Namastey is a greeting word for Indian people) from Pranjal Upadhyaya from Assam, India. I am a graduate in Humanities from Gauhati University,Assam ,India.
The place I live in: I take pride in my rural background.Ambience of nature, dusty and muddy roads, pure air, fruit rich orchards and wild bathing in crystal streams nourished my childhood.A caring joint family, unpretending neighborhood and loving friends built me up. The towering Himalayan hills, swarm of butterflies and flocks of swallows chirping over paddy fields were sources of childhood joy and mystery.

Languages I know: I use Nepali at home for oral communication while my schooling was in Assamese language. I can speak English and Hindi.
Activities as occupation: I teach students at secondary level and it gives me immense pleasure because while teaching I learn a lot from the students as well.
Pastimes and hobbies: Birdwatching, reading, listening songs (love to sing a song), playing musical instruments playing some outdoor games indoor also and gardening,
My childhood: Brought up in the countryside I lived my childhood in the serene ambience of nature.I was in close proximity with agricultural and farming activities as agriculture


. Writing was only the vehicle of my sincere thoughts, creative imagination, useful experiences, feelings and healthy emotions.
My nature: an unpretending man for whom values count more than material success. I am an extrovert by nature.

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