Introducing a doodler

Hola! I am brand new to a decentralized platform, so I am going to learn as I go. I got acquainted to Hive by my husband @lavista.

Now let me introduce myself. I hail from the buzzing city of Bengaluru, India. I am an engineer and my husband is an ophthalmologist. I had been working as a quality assurance engineer with a background in automation for the past 12 years and recently quit to be home with my growing toddler. I intended it to be a short break but it seems like it will take a year or two to decide what I want to do career wise.

During this supposed short break, I got inspired by my own journey and started writing. Being a woman growing up in Indian society where patriarchy is still dominant, I faced many hardships in life even for simple things which many take for granted. Be it fighting for equality, battling infertility and choosing IVF to have a child. I documented all my life's journey and emotions and how I survived all of this in our blog Elevated Nine. Elevatednine was a wonderful name which I got to choose. I couldn't believe that finally I was going to be a mom, and I do feel elevated in every aspect after those beautiful nine months of carrying my baby in me. After becoming a mom, my whole perspective of life changed and brought out the best version of me. I am grateful for my bundle of joy.

I was a doodler since childhood but never thought of it as a career choice. Thanks to the maternity leave and taking time off to stay home with my son, the creative side of me suddenly wanted to break free. The little free time I have, I utilize to write articles on our blog. I also recently started digital painting on Procreate and share my work on our Instagram handle elevatednine. I am happy to say I am improving everyday and it gives me great joy to see my progress. So hopefully I get to share my passion on this platform with all my new friends I get to make here.

Thank you @lovesniper @indayclara for the warm welcome and all your help.

Here is some of my work...



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