About My Self

Hi..., this is my first post on hive. I would like to introduce my self. My name is Salma Keant. You can call me Keant, but it's still okay if you want to call me Salma. Even though this is just my pen name, I already love this name as much as I love myself.


I know Hive from my best friend Titis. In fact, you could say, he is the strangest friend in my life. We went to the same Islamic High School, but only knew faces and names. After wandering in different places, we finally just got close. We are two complete opposites. If I don't like being photographed, Titis is photogenic.


As in this Lawang Sewu frame, as usual, Titis is the model and I am the photographer. She is the best when it comes to fashion and facial expressions. For me, Titis is a 4.0 wonder woman who is easy to talk to about anything.

Besides not liking being photo object, I don't want to dress up. Can only use moisturizer, and thin lipstick.

I like traveling, photography, watching movies and dramas. I also love to write, writing more for emotional management therapy so far. Writing to unravel the thoughts that accumulate in the head. Also, writing because it breaks up a fight with myself. And thanks to @anggreklestari , for inviting me to the Hive. I hope one day I can meet face to face with you.

My daily life, not far from the computer, is making pictures of batik motifs or motifs for textile printing. From my job as a motif designer/pattern designer, I learned many things. That a satisfactory result cannot be achieved instantly. Everything takes process and patience. Like life, designing a beautiful motif starts with a single stroke.

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, I also taught in remote areas. SD Bumi Pertiwi, Karawang, a school built on state forest land, where there is no light at all. The condition of the students there is very alarming. Some travel for three hours on foot just to get to school. There are those who leave on an empty stomach all day, and the condition of their uniforms and shoes is not suitable for wearing.


The quality of education can be said to be very poor, because the Principal teaches all classes from elementary to high school alone. For a lower level, the Principal will be assisted by SMA Bumi Pertiwi students. Volunteers teach every weekend, and occasionally one or two volunteers stay there for a few weeks to teach.

Sometimes I also volunteer for Kelas Inspirasi. Sharing about the profession to elementary school children whose school conditions and social environment are inadequate. Maybe some of you here also volunteer for the Kelas Inspirasi? Let's high five, greetings volunteers.


There were times when I really missed being a volunteer teacher. Unfortunately, due to Covid, this activity has been temporarily suspended. I hope that covid can pass quickly, so that every positive activity can be carried out again. Really, I can't wait to volunteer for an inspiration class in my city, Pekalongan.

Regarding books, there is one novel that hit me and I can't forget until now. Minni's Diary, by Mr. Irfan Hidayatullah. The novel tells the life of a teenager named Minni who is treated differently, because her physical appearance is considered unattractive to the majority of people.

My favorite film is still an Indonesian film starring Reza Rahardian, "Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini. A film that is relevant to the lives of the people on the outskirts.

Right now, I'm just the three of me with my sister, and her cat. Her name is Cindy, a female cat from the Persian race, who is a bit of a masculine. She likes to jump like a rabbit, is good at performing like a lion dance, and keeps for a hug while she sleeps.


Finally, that was my first post, thanks for reading, and see you in the next post.

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