How to organize your work schedule and spare time


Recently I changed the way I work online and it gave me pretty good results - not only for the earnings but for the fact that I have more time and it made me happier.

Now, in a society and time when we no longer have any free time and every second is filled with the retard number of activities that we have to do, it is an exception to find anybody with an hour of free time, nevertheless some more.

The point is, nobody will give you back those hours spent on some "activity" and no, probably nobody will even notice that you are doing something relevant. So, just do what you find the most important and the best for you. Because tomorrow your entire world can be gone.

I started from the assumption that I have in general just a few hours to give for my online interests and then started to cut down places that give little to my personal growth or that have less feedback. Naturally the first on the hitlist was social media, then websites where I write, and finally everything else. I ended up with a handful of websites, and they are all places that I visit every day.

Blogging: Pranz and Hive
Videos: 3Speak and Youtube
Art: occasionally my Github page and Lyrics blog
Social: Noise and Twitter

Then I took all the other activities and schedules and each for a different time in a week, without Sunday. I do my online activities faster and I have time for everything else as well.

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